Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Miller re-ups with NBC

With all the uncertainty in the booth after the new TV contract between the networks and the PGA Tour, fans of Johnny Miller will be happy to know he is still da man at NBC.

Here are highlights from the network's press release:

NEW YORK -- June 13, 2006 -- Johnny Miller, who USA Today called "the best color analyst in golf, if not all sports TV," has signed a long-term extension as NBC Sports' lead golf analyst.

"My goal in announcing is to speak just like I'm in the living room with you and we're having pizza and I'm just letting go," said Miller.

"Whatever I think comes out. I'm going to do the best job with the most honesty inside me to say, 'here's what I just think just happened.' The announcing is a little bit like teaching. I address a player's mistakes and sort of give a lesson on TV. When I played, I didn't play down the middle and I don't announce down the middle. That would be boring."

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