Thursday, August 16, 2007

Even Dan Jenkins gets razzed

One of the benefits of this job is that I've gotten to hang a little Dan Jenkins, the legendary sportswriter and author.

Last week at the PGA Championship in Tulsa, Dan and I and a couple of others were sitting at a small table in the media center dining room, watching the tournament on a 42-inch, high-def TV when one of those Crowne Plaza commericals came suddenly filled the screen.
You know the commercials I'm talking about, with Dan, Lee Trevino, David Feherty, Alice Cooper and Natalie Gulbis sitting around a conference table debating all things golf.

When this one came on during the PGA, everyone in the dining room within earshot fell silent, watching Dan watch himself on TV. After his line was over, from all around us, there came an O-o-o-o-h, Dan...

Dan grinned and nodded took the razzing like a man.