Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Golf Channel Tribute for Earl Woods

This just in...

The Golfing Life and Times of Earl Woods
Remembered in Special Golf Central Report

The Golf Channel’s Brian Hammons will host a special retrospective titled Golf Central Special Report: A Tribute to Earl Woods Thursday at 8:30 p.m. ET. The show will report on Woods’ recent death, and will include interviews with writers and reporters who had intimate knowledge of the relationship between the late Woods and his son, Tiger. Featured will be a video biography of Earl Woods, a feature on the special father-son relationship between Earl and Tiger, and other reaction from those within the golf world, including PGA TOUR players and media. Also featured will be touching closing essay from Rich Lerner.

Seaview's Bay Course rerouting

This press release just in from Seaview Marriott...


Re-Routing Designed To Balance Bay Course In Preparation For 2006 ShopRite LPGA Classic; Resort Guests, Golf Groups and Tournament Spectators To Benefit From New Layout

Galloway, New Jersey, May 2, 2006... Seaview Resort & Spa, A Marriott Resort, one of the premier resort destinations in the Northeast, today announced that the Bay Course, one of the two Championship courses on property and host of the 2006 ShopRite LPGA Classic, has been strategically re-routed. The new layout for the Bay Course will enable Seaview’s golf management team to add logistical balance to the golf course by providing more efficient and convenient hole locations, which will benefit both resort golfers and golf groups, as well spectators attending the ShopRite LPGA Classic.

Here's why they're doing it...
As part of the strategic re-routing of the Bay Course, holes 9 thru 17 have been renumbered, thus eliminating back-to-back Par 3’s, and having both finishing holes (9 and 18) as Par 5’s. Logistically, the new course route will offer the ShopRite Classic tournament operations staff a more streamlined method for transporting players to both front and back tees. With the former 17th hole now the 10th hole, the need to shuttle players down Route 9, which runs parallel to Seaview, is eliminated as the 10th tee is now close in proximity to the 1st tee. This will also allow spectators at the tournament to easily maneuver around the course.

Resort guests and groups will benefit tremendously from the close proximity of holes 1 and 10. During the hot summer months, golfers have the option to start from the front nine or back nine, allowing them to finish up early in the afternoon, leaving plenty of time to enjoy other non-golf activities at the resort. Further, group outings can now double up tee times on the 1st and 10th tees, making for a quicker round and leaving more time for spa treatments, meetings or team building activities.

“Re-routing the Bay Course made a great deal of sense, as it will offer tremendous convenience to golfers when maneuvering the course, which will help to enhance pace of play and provide a greater golfing experience,” said Steve Schaller, Director of Golf, Seaview Resort & Spa. “Equally important, these modifications enable our staff to run more efficient group golf outings, while also providing golf fans attending the ShopRite LPGA Classic with an enhanced layout to watch the LPGA’s best golfers compete on the Bay Course.”

The Bay Course Re-Routing Chart
Old New
16 = 9
17 = 10
14 = 11
15 = 12
9 = 13
10 = 14
11 = 15
12 = 16
13 = 17

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Daly's daily saga

Just when you thought John Daly's life couldn't possibly be any more bizarre comes word a new book outline his gambling addiction that has cost him between $50-$60 million over the past 12 years.

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GAP retains Compher Cup

The Golf Association of Philadelphia team prevailed 11-7 over the New Jersey Golf Assocation in annual Compher Cup this week at the Philadelphia Cricket Club.