Thursday, May 01, 2008

Daly vs. Butch, Part II

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Golf instructor Butch Harmon spoke to John Daly last week, but said he did not offer an apology for parting ways with the troubled golfer after reports that Daly had been drinking in a hospitality tent at a March PGA Tour event.

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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tiger's handicap? Try +8

Apparently having a little too much time on their hands, the good folks at the Golf Assocation of Philadelphia set out to figure out what Tiger Woods' handicap would be. They figure +8.

Says the story:
"That would mean if Tiger visits the home club of each of the Association’s player of the year he would give Michael McDermott of Merion Golf Club, the reigning William Hyndman, III Player of the Year, seven strokes, Raymond Thompson of Overbrook Golf Club, the Senior Player of the Year, six strokes and Robert Robertson of Sunnybrook Golf Club, the Junior Player of the Year, will get seven."

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Penn Golf Assn '08 schedule

This just in from the Pennsylvania Golf Association...

The 2008 Pennsylvania Golf Association schedule, the 99th in the organization's history, once again contains events for players of various ages and skill levels throughout the commonwealth. Beginning in April, and encompassing six months, the schedule visits all four corners of the state for its 22 tournaments and 35 days of competition.

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