Thursday, April 24, 2008

Crump Cup/Compher Cup

A reader called in today, apparently confused about the difference between the Crump Cup and the Compher Cup.

The Compher Cup, the annual match between the Golf Association of Philadelphia and the New Jersey State Golf Association, was held this past Monday. (GAP won). This year, it happened to be at Pine Valley.

The Compher Cup is not to be confused with the Crump Cup, the annual amateur invitational, held by and at Pine Valley Golf Club. The finals match of the Crump Cup, which falls on Sept. 28 this year, is the one day of the year when the club throws open the doors to outsiders.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Tell me again why we should care?

Every now and then I get a PR release that makes me scratch my head and wonder, What the ----?
Case in point...

David Leadbetter Signs Multi-Year Agreement
With Wilhelmina Artist Management

CHAMPIONSGATE, Florida — David Leadbetter,—the world’s No. 1 golf instructor and coach to countless tour professionals worldwide, including newly crowned 2008 Masters champion Trevor Immelman—announces he has signed a multi-year agreement with Wilhelmina Artist Management of New York City.

Wilhelmina Artist Management, a division of Wilhelmina International, will represent David Leadbetter as his exclusive worldwide agent relative to all appearances, endorsements and licensing businesses. Additionally, Wilhelmina will manage the business affairs and growth strategy for the David Leadbetter Golf Academies in North America, the premier brand for golf instruction throughout the world, as well as manage Leadbetter’s contractual relationship with IMG.

“I am extremely pleased and excited to be associated with such a superior agency,” says Leadbetter, whose announcement comes close on the heels of his longtime student Immelman’s wire-to-wire victory at the Masters. “We are developing a comprehensive plan for Academy development and future growth, and I’m sure Wilhelmina’s assistance and guidance with this new expansion will be very successful.”

In 1998, as an innovator in the industry, Wilhelmina Models became the first fashion company to develop a specific division to exclusively represent premier talent in the worlds of music, sports and entertainment. Today, that division called Wilhelmina Artist Management, is one of the industry’s finest, with a roster that includes Fergie, Natasha Bedingfield, Heather Graham, Amy Smart and Justin Chambers, among others.

Wilhelmina Artist Management creates, develops and manages celebrity-powered campaigns, product lines, private brand licensing, endorsements, sponsorships, talent appearances and corporate entertainment strategies.

“Wilhelmina is proud and honored to represent David Leadbetter, one of the legends in the golf world, and we are equally as honored to manage his Academies in North America,” says Dieter Esch, Chairman Wilhelmina Artist Management, which measurably extends brand relevance and increases brand loyalty to targeted audiences. “The purpose of this transaction is to further improve the Leadbetter brand worldwide and expand the Academy business.”

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tiger radio interview

This from the folks at Fox Sports radio...

LOS ANGELES, April 22, 2008 - Tiger Woods joined The First Team on FOX with Steve Czaban this morning. Below are highlights from the interview…

On watching himself on TV:

Czaban: “Here’s an oddball question. Do you Tivo tournaments you’re in? Then go back and look at them afterwards, maybe take notes, notice something, listen to what the announcers are saying?”

Woods: “I usually have my secretary get a copy of the telecast from the PGA tour and I’ll take a look at it just from the swing standpoint, yeah.”

Czaban: “Just the swing though, you really won’t sit down and…”
Woods: “Listen to the commentators? No, never.”

On his workout routine:

Czaban: “Your body in relation to most other golfers is nothing short of phenomenal, and I’m wondering, what are you benching now, Tiger?”

“I don’t bench. Period.”

Czaban: “Come on.”

Woods: “I don’t.”

Czaban: “What do you do for your chest?”

“I might do some flys. Chest press or flys. But it’s more of a stretching exercise than a building exercise.”

On how long he might play:

Czaban: “You ever thought about how old you might be when you win your last major. Where that could be? Jack obviously won the Masters at 46.”

Woods: “With the way athletes are training and working out and keeping their bodies in shape, hopefully I could play past that at 46 and still be effective.”

Czaban: “So you think you could win a major in your 50s. You’re hoping?”

Woods: “I’d hope so. I hope that everything pans out that way.”

On tough scoring at the Masters:

Czaban: “Why didn’t we see scoring like we used to see at the Masters?”

Woods: “The golf course was set up too hard. They moved the tees up which was the only thing they could have done to at least give us a chance on Sunday. If they didn’t move the tees up, you would’ve seen probably the same kind of scoring we saw last year on Sunday.”

Czaban: “Would you dare ever go to anybody in a green jacket and say ‘you know maybe you ought to try this’?”

Woods: “All players have. A lot of the past champions have, who are actually playing. Augusta makes their own policy. They do what they want to do. A lot of times that’s great for the game of golf. I think they might have just made the golf course a little bit more difficult. I heard they’re making some changes for next year. So maybe that might facilitate some lower scores.

On his knee surgery:

Czaban: “Everyone wants to know. How’s the left wheel coming out of surgery?”

“It’s a little sore right now, but it should be good in about a month.”
Czaban: “Doctor got in and said nothing serious, little clean up, should to be good to go in about a month?”

Woods: “That’s it. He said ‘you’re getting older bud.’”

Phila retains Compher Cup

This just in from the Golf Assn of Phila...

PINE VALLEY, N.J. -- The Golf Association of Philadelphia defeated the New Jersey State Golf Association, 12.5-5.5, to retain the Compher Cup on Monday at Pine Valley Golf Club.

The Compher Cup is the annual early season match between the two neighboring state associations. This was the 46th competition.

For the rest of the story, click here.