Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tiger radio interview

This from the folks at Fox Sports radio...

LOS ANGELES, April 22, 2008 - Tiger Woods joined The First Team on FOX with Steve Czaban this morning. Below are highlights from the interview…

On watching himself on TV:

Czaban: “Here’s an oddball question. Do you Tivo tournaments you’re in? Then go back and look at them afterwards, maybe take notes, notice something, listen to what the announcers are saying?”

Woods: “I usually have my secretary get a copy of the telecast from the PGA tour and I’ll take a look at it just from the swing standpoint, yeah.”

Czaban: “Just the swing though, you really won’t sit down and…”
Woods: “Listen to the commentators? No, never.”

On his workout routine:

Czaban: “Your body in relation to most other golfers is nothing short of phenomenal, and I’m wondering, what are you benching now, Tiger?”

“I don’t bench. Period.”

Czaban: “Come on.”

Woods: “I don’t.”

Czaban: “What do you do for your chest?”

“I might do some flys. Chest press or flys. But it’s more of a stretching exercise than a building exercise.”

On how long he might play:

Czaban: “You ever thought about how old you might be when you win your last major. Where that could be? Jack obviously won the Masters at 46.”

Woods: “With the way athletes are training and working out and keeping their bodies in shape, hopefully I could play past that at 46 and still be effective.”

Czaban: “So you think you could win a major in your 50s. You’re hoping?”

Woods: “I’d hope so. I hope that everything pans out that way.”

On tough scoring at the Masters:

Czaban: “Why didn’t we see scoring like we used to see at the Masters?”

Woods: “The golf course was set up too hard. They moved the tees up which was the only thing they could have done to at least give us a chance on Sunday. If they didn’t move the tees up, you would’ve seen probably the same kind of scoring we saw last year on Sunday.”

Czaban: “Would you dare ever go to anybody in a green jacket and say ‘you know maybe you ought to try this’?”

Woods: “All players have. A lot of the past champions have, who are actually playing. Augusta makes their own policy. They do what they want to do. A lot of times that’s great for the game of golf. I think they might have just made the golf course a little bit more difficult. I heard they’re making some changes for next year. So maybe that might facilitate some lower scores.

On his knee surgery:

Czaban: “Everyone wants to know. How’s the left wheel coming out of surgery?”

“It’s a little sore right now, but it should be good in about a month.”
Czaban: “Doctor got in and said nothing serious, little clean up, should to be good to go in about a month?”

Woods: “That’s it. He said ‘you’re getting older bud.’”

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