Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Boo who?

If you saw any or all of the Verizon Heritage on Hilton Head Island this past weekend, you might be wondering who, or what, a Boo Weekley is?

Good question. Here are a few pertinent bio facts from the PGA Tour media guide:

Residence: Jay, Fla.

Education: Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College

Special interests: Hunting, fishing.

You might recall Boo from his time time on the PGA Tour in 2002, when he was quite the story because of his country bumpkin demeanor and his habit of wearing rain pants because he's allergic to cotton. That makes this exchange from his post-victory interview a must-read:

Q. Give us a little background again on your allergy to cotton.

BOO WEEKLEY: I mean, it's polyester/cotton is what I've got on right now. I haven't had no problem with it, which it ain't really got me playing in hot, hot weather yet. I was curious to see how it's going to act. I'm hoping that I won't have no reaction to it.

Q. What happens to you?

BOO WEEKLEY: It just looks like I got ringworm. Have you ever had ringworm?

Q. No (laughter).

BOO WEEKLEY: Ringworm, it's like little pus pockets pop up on your skin there. I mean, it itches, I can tell you that. Bad case of poison ivy is about what it's like.

Q. Poison ivy I've had.

BOO WEEKLEY: It's about like that.

Q. Have you ever considered a comedy club maybe?

BOO WEEKLEY: No, sir, I ain't good at that. I ain't good at it.

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