Monday, August 07, 2006

Tiger will win PGA

No possible way Tiger Woods won't win the PGA.

Did you see him finish off the Buick, his 50th PGA Tour win, and the British before that?

Did you see the look in his eyes? With a year of getting comfortable with his new, rebuilt swing and his grief over his dad's death largely behind him, Tiger is now entering some zone the likes which the rest of us (or his PGA Tour peers) won't ever know.

After the way he faltered a year or so ago, I figured we'd seen the best of Tiger back in 2000 and 2001. I figured not even he could muster what it would take to get back to where he was, never mind get better. Wrong. From the looks of it, Tiger is in the early stage of what might be the most dominanting phase of his career.

By the way, for a look at Tiger's amazing stats and numbers, click here to check out Gary Van Sickle's blog on Sports Ill.


Anonymous said...

I'm not really disagreeing w/ your comments about Tiger as he clearly is the best player in the game right now... by a significant margin. But I'm tired hearing about how great his new swing is. When he wins a another US Open by 15 strokes, a Masters and British by large margins, then I'll say his swing is as good as it was under Butch Harmon. I'm pretty certain if ole Butchie had stayed behind the scenes a bit more and didn't try to take advantage of his increased fame of being Tiger's teacher, Woods would have never dropped him. But you won't find too many prominent media people, certainly in television, with the guts to come out and say this for the fear of Tiger cutting them off.

Joe Logan said...

True, Tiger got annoyed by Butch's need for the spotlight. But time and again, Tiger said the real reason he dumped Butch was because after years with him, he still had the same basic swing flaw he'd always had: a tendency to get the club "stuck," resulting in the big banana ball or, if he over-corrected, the snap hook. He believed the only way to rid himself of that once and for all was by getting a completely different swing, which led him to Hank Haney.

jwb said...

Thanks for your reply. We may have to agree to disagree. ;-)
I don't agree w/ one part of your reply: I don't think Tiger has ever sliced a drive intentionally. Back w/ Butch and now w/ Haney, drives that go right are blocked right: they start right and stay on that line. For the best discussion of comparison of Tiger's swing w/ Butch and what he was at up to 2004 w/ Haney, see Jim McLean's analysis here in Golf Digest:
Is it possible he's refined the swing since 2004? Yes, of course. But I don't think so, and here's why: check out the stats in that McLean article and compare them to 2006, which are available at His driving accuracy is bad (150), distance good though (10th), but total driving is 34th. Compare that to his glory years w/ Butch. Also compare his GIR now w/ then. He isn't dominating like he use to according to the stats and he no longer wins majors by large margins. I'll really go out on the limb and state that until he finally realizes that Haney is not doing him any favors w/ the driver, he'll have trouble competing in US Opens. Those venues traditionally are very long w/ very high rough and wayward driving will hurt him. Looking at the future US Open sites, he might not win one of them again until 2013 at Merion which is a course he can rarely hit driver and still be out there w/ everybody else. He has shown that from 200 yards in or closer from the fairway he is next to impossible to beat.