Friday, August 11, 2006

For $175,000, Wall Streeters dig new NYC course

From the Associated Press

BAYONNE, N.J. - Bill the caddie stayed positive as our foursome hooked and sliced around the challenging links of Bayonne Golf Club.

“You have to play here three or four times to get a feel of where to hit the ball,” he counseled, as if we were contemplating membership at this high-end private course with awesome views of Manhattan.

Not a chance. Initiation fees of $175,000 for locals and $75,000 for national or international members, plus $10,000 annual dues, are far beyond the means of journalists on an outing.

Two months after opening, Bayonne’s hilly layout on a peninsula jutting into the Hudson River is all the buzz among New York’s well-heeled golfers, along with the new Liberty National club a couple of miles upriver.

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Anonymous said...

It's less expensive than The Bridges in Southampton at 650K and the Reebok guy's Liberty National down the road in NJ at 4-500K. It's a bargain. Send me the membership application.

I heard that Bayonne residents can play there on certain Mondays.