Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Golf in this heat? You nuts?

Against my better judgment, I scheduled a tee time for early afternoon today. I took a shower, slathered on sunscreen and tossed an extra shirt in my bag, just so I could to be dry on the drive home.

Then I walked outside.

In the 10 steps from my front door to my car, I suddenly came to my senses: Only a dope with a death wish would play golf in this 101-degree weather. What, did I want to be carted off the course like Michelle Wie at the John Deere Classic?

I can't believe I actually stood there for a minute or two, with my hand on the car door, debating whether it was really as hot as it seemed, or was I wimping out? By then the smoldering heat had begun to rise up from the asphalt. Yeah, it really is that hot.

I walked back inside, cracked open a bottle of ice cold water and returned to my desk, where I adjusted the air conditioning vent near my feet to wide-open. What was I thinking?

Is anybody playing in this heat?


Anonymous said...

It was either golf or tennis for me today - rather than be miserable for 4 hours, I chose tennis and was just miserable for 45 minutes until the heat wore me down. Looks like more of the same tomorrow - can't wait until it 'cools down' this weekend and we all can get back out on the links!

Anonymous said...

I played on Monday, beginning at about 9:50 a.m. I took the sunscreen but left the extra shirt sitting near the front door. I only get so many days off from work and this was a course I had on my radar for two years, so the chances of sitting out because of the heat were close to nil. It really wasn't too bad out there. Once you get used to the sting of sweat in your eyes, you're OK.

Anonymous said...

I played Monday afternoon at Scotland Run, and Wednesday afternoon at Honey Brook. The heat keeps so many people away that you can have a nice round in less than 4 hours. As long as the course has water coolers every few holes, I'll keep playing.

Anonymous said...

Just got done with 18 in 2 1/2 hours riding. High 90's when I was finished, but the course to myself made up for it. Almost posted my career round but I choked and bogeyed the last two holes.