Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Lendl extras and out-takes

Here are a few quotes from Ivan Lendl that didn't make it into today's story in the Inquirer:

On his constant need to compete, even with himself, such as during his daily bike ride when he feels compelled to improve his time. Does he ever stop and smell the roses?

"No, no. I smell them on the way back."

On whether he knows enough to give his daughters, Marika and Isabelle technical advice about their swings.

"No. I am not looking at their swings. I do not understand swings enough. They know more about their swings than I do. I look at where their misses go, so I can give reports to their coaches.

"Sometimes, when I go over a round, I say, okay, she missed six greens to the left. If I tell their coach, he knows what the problem is. When she calls him in the evening, he already knows what to tell them."

On why neither Marika or Isabelle mentioned Nancy Lopez or Annika Sorenstam as idols.

"They wouldn't know about Nancy Lopez (too long ago). I am surprised they didn't mention Annika."

And how come no mention of Michelle Wie, other than Isabelle's dismissive comment, "She hasn't won anythying."

"I will stay out of that one. I will give you a tip: Ask anybody out here, do a survey, and if Michelle Wie comes up once, I would be shocked."

Note: Wie's name is mud around the American Junior Golf Association because she essentially blew off junior golf to try to luck at the next level.

On whether he wishes he'd found golfer earlier in his life?

"I wish I had it over; I would play golf. Gary Player put it best. He has an outing every year and one year, he had a bunch of celebrated retired athletes. He says to every one of us, 'How old were you when you retired? 34. 36. 31.' He said, 'I am 62 years old and if somebody told me I had to quit golf, I would cry.'"

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