Monday, July 24, 2006

Five things I learned watching the British Open

1. Tiger Woods will definitely break Jack Nicklaus' record of 18 majors. In the past year, I had my doubts. No longer. He's as good as ever, and more determined.

2. Parched as it was, Hoylake was a perfectly suitable venue, not the over-matched has-been course many of the critics made it out to be.

3. Chris DiMarco has more grit, guts and fight in his pinky finger than most of his tour pro rivals could ever dream of having.

4. Jim Furyk ain't far behind him.

5. I'd never really noticed before what a vacuous, annoying twit Bobby Clampett is.

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Anonymous said...

Was Tiger's final round one of the best rounds of golf ever played? He may have missed one or two shots all day. He tied for the low round of the day and could have easily birdied 18. Maybe one of the US Open or British rounds in 2000 was better?