Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Rules changes

This just in from the USGA...


Far Hills, N.J. – Beginning in 2008, a golfer will be allowed to lift a ball for identification in a bunker or water hazard. However, there now will be a two-stroke penalty for playing a wrong ball from a hazard. In match play, the penalty will be loss of hole.

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Anonymous said...

I would still wish that they could somehow revisit the lost rule rule(s). I have argued before, and even sent a note to the USGA, that I have never seen a player (outside of a tournament) go back to replay a shot from the original spot. It is simply impractical when you are trying to maintain pace with the group in front to go back. In order to comply with the rules you would have to breach etiquitte. It makes me wonder how people can post scores for their handicaps when they don't have a valid one. The simple fact is that many scores posted would be invalid, rendering many handicaps invalid. There has to be some alternative procedure to accomodate this. Perhaps a two stroke penalty and a drop where the ball was last seen or something like that. I figure the two stroke penalty replaces the stroke and distance penalty, and dropping in the area the ball was lost penalizes the player for not hitting a provisional.