Sunday, September 30, 2007

Player on comebacks

One of the pleasures of the Presidents Cup is watching Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player, a couple of old guys, ramble on and on...and on.

Jack is good, but he's no match for Gary, king of the press conference...

Q. Obviously you're in a unique position of how far back you are, and you've got all of this experience; can you relate to anything you've done in your career that leads you to talk to your players tomorrow or tonight and explain to them, I've had a situation similar, or something that can give them something to hang their hat on for tomorrow?

GARY PLAYER: I was seven behind in the Masters going into the last round, and I felt quite confident of winning. I was always an eternal optimist. I was down to (Tony) Lema with 18 holes to go in the World Match Play Championship, which I won that. But I'm certainly not going in as an old poop and telling young guys, I did that, I did this, I did that.

If they don't know that -- they know these stories, so I'm certainly not going to blow my trump and tell them the time I came back. They know what they have to do. And I've always said it this to my team: Play well. It doesn't matter who you play. There's no such thing as well I hope I can play against this guy tomorrow, because they are all good. I've always said to them, you expect every match to be tough. There ain't no such thing as an easy match. Go out there, if you play well, you win.

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