Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My sorta hole-in-one

I shouldn't be surprised it happened this way, not with as much golf as I play by myself. I'm talking about my first-ever hole-in-one. Or my sorta, maybe, kind of a hole-in-one, which happened today.

I've been playing golf for about 45 years, since I was 8 or 9 years old. In all that time, I had never had a hole-in-one. I'd had balls hang on the lip, roll over the edge of of the cup, tipetoe around the hole -- every conceivable thing but drop.

Until today.

I was playing Deerfield Golf & Tennis Club, in Newark, Del., which I had never played before. Because it was the middle of the afternoon on a Tuesday, and because it was a spur of the moment round of golf, I was by myself, which is not unsual. And because I was by myself, I was playing two balls, as I often do. Playing two balls, from tee to green, helps me from catching up to the group in front of me.

Everything was normal, fine and dandy, until the 16th, a par 3. It's a nice-looking hole, a bit up hill, with a big bunker that wraps around the left side. From the blue tees, the marker said 170 yards, but my Bushnell Pinseeker measured the pin at 176 yards, playing into a slight wind. That's pretty much the outer limits of a 6-iron for me.

My first ball, which I tried to bomb, went a little long and left, catching the far left corner of the green. For my second shot, I decided to try to smooth the 6-iron. Did I ever. From the moment the ball left the club, I liked it. It felt good and it was dead-on at the pin. I knew it ought to be close, but from the tee, I couldn't see where it ended up. Was it was a little short or did it roll off the back of the green, or what? I couldn't tell, but something told me it was good.

When I drove up to the green, I immediately spotted the first ball, over on the left edge of the green. Scanning the green for the second ball, I looked short and I looked long. Didn't see it. Usually when this happens, just as I get my hopes up, I find the ball buried in the rough off the back. This time, did I dare look in the cup?
Finally, I did. There it was. And no question it was mine. Who else plays a Bridgestone with the little blue dot I make with a Sharpie?

My first reaction was to do a little dance out there on the green, which I did, along with a Tiger-style fist pump. Then, of course, I wondered: Who is going to believe me?

"Yeah, Logan, sure you made a hole-in-one. Any witnesses?"

Actually, no. But I feel comfortable looking straight into the eyes of the golf gods and saying, yes, I sorta finally made a hole-in-one.


Anonymous said...

I actually had one and lost it! #1 at Juniata, since there's no range, that first swing is usually a horrible one. I lost the ball in the haze almost immediately, so when I didn't see it come down, I wasn't surprised, so I put another ball in play. When I putted out, the first ball was in the hole. No witnesses, or else somebody probably would have seen it come down. Oh Well.

Mark Manning said...

Love your stuff in the Inky. Mine is the story of a mulligan hole in one. Back in 83 hit a second ball with my bosses new club using a yellow ball i found on the hole before. I saved the card for a while and then figured why?....it didnt count and never will. My son now 16 hit one at 12 and Ive been living in shame since

Anonymous said...

Mr. Logan,

Pleased to hear you bull's-eyed the hole the way you bull's-eye our paper targets at Target World (we're due).

Best, Sean Ferry

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! You deserve one after all these years, even if it was a celebratory moment between just you and the golf gods.

Jane Sellers

Anonymous said...

Give it up, you hack. Off yourself while you've still got it in you, old man.


Your loving son

Bob Ski said...

Congratulations.....it is a great story to tell for the rest of your life but sadly, as you and I both know....it just doesn't count....but how cool is it when you look in that hole and see that little white ball.....