Monday, January 29, 2007

Golf Channel in HD

Good news for sports fans who miss seeing golf in HD on the Golf Channel. For the first two rounds of tournaments which CBS or NBC will broadcast the weekend, the Golf Channel is able to use those network's HD feeds of the Thursday-Friday rounds.

Here's the tricky part: To get it, you've got to be a customer of Comcast and have their HD package, and it's not on Channel 39, where the Golf Channel is normally found. The HD broadcast can be found on Channel 207, which Comcast splits between the Golf Channel and Versus, which it also owns.

Why hadn't the Golf Channel made this news known? Because until now, for some reason, they didn't get credit for viewers watching in HD on Channel 207. They still aren't promoting it; I called them after I stumbled across golf in HD on Channel 207 the other day.

Anyway, the deal is, the Golf Channel gets Channel 207 from noon to midnight (East Coast time), meaning they can air the live broadcast and the prime time repeat.

The Golf Channel doesn't yet have it's own HD equipment, so on those weeks they carry all four rounds, the broadcast will be in something calls "up-converted," which is better than a regular picture but not as good as HD.

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Tom G said...

I stumbled across this too. Very, very cool. [convoluted, but cool nonetheless]