Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Calling All Golfers

Once spring arrives, my plan is to do everything I can to update the golf course reviews I've done over the years. It is a selfless act, I know, but I undertake it with diligence and enthusiasm on behalf of you, the golfer/reader.

Unless I get a lot of chin music from the yahoos that write the expense account checks around here, my vow to you is to play round after round of investigative golf. That's right, I'll scope out the dog tracks and the dumps so that you don't have to waste your time or your money. If I play some gems along the way, hey, it's my job. Work, work, work, that is my promise.

Where I need your advice is in helping me compile and prioritize the list of courses that need immediate attention. You know better than me whether your regular course has changed -- for better or for worse -- since I reviewed it, maybe as long as 10 years ago. Has it been renovated, rerouted, ruined? Maybe you dispute my original assessment. You may even know of a course that I've overlooked altogether.

So, speak your mind. Give me a holler. I will thank you. Your fellow golfers will thank you.


Rockhard said...


I love reading your reviews. As a Philadelphia resident, I play several of the city courses. I know you wrote an article about Juniata in August and I've heard through the grapevine that a private concern has taken the course over? Maybe you could check that out and see, if true, what their plans might be?


Anonymous said...

Joe, Have enjoyed reading your course reviews since I was a student at Temple and Penn. Now living in Central PA where there are more public courses at very resonable rates. One course you reviewed, Hershey CC - South (f/k/a Parkview), has closed and been plowed under to become a parking area for HersheyPark. But a great daily fee is minutes away. Look up Wren Dale Golf Club ( and try to get to it soon. Been open about three years and is enjoyable every time. No clubhouse yet but the practice facilities and 18 holes are outstanding.

Anonymous said...

I think you should stay on the Philly munis and followup with the Fairmount Park Commission on progress with course improvements, particularly at Cobbs Creek. Shouldn't the local GAP or PA Golf Ass'n be more proactive?