Thursday, October 12, 2006

Rees Jones vs. Robert T. Jones Jr.

Good story from the Fort Lauderdale paper about the bad blood between the sons of the late golf course architect Robert Trent Jones...

By Vanessa Blum
South Florida Sun-Sentinel

The case is called Jones v. Jones. It pits the two sons of famed golf course designer Robert Trent Jones in a messy court fight over $100,000 and the use of their deceased father's name.

The men, both successful golf architects in their 60s, are known to be fierce competitors who conduct most of their communication through lawyers. Now younger brother Rees Jones is suing older brother Robert Trent Jones Jr. for his share of taxes owed on the estate of their mother, who died in 1987.

Rees Jones also claims Robert Jr. misappropriated their father's name when he contracted with a clothing firm to create a Robert Trent Jones apparel line.The Jones sibling rivalry is no secret in the golf world. Following their father's death in 2000, the brothers clashed over plans for the Coral Ridge Country Club in Fort Lauderdale, which the senior Jones opened in 1956 and considered a home. Still, that the brothers would go to court over a relatively modest sum of money is testament to how frayed their relationship has become. Even the language of the suit hints at a much larger family drama.

"This is a story about the eldest son of a famous golf course designer, who has selfishly taken advantage of his younger brother since their father's death through broken promises and clandestine conduct," states the complaint.

Read the full story here.

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