Tuesday, August 15, 2006

14-year-old wins Women's Amateur

The best girl teenage golfer in Hawaii? How about Kimberly Kim, the 14-year-old who won the U.S. Women's Amateur on Sunday.

Stunning win -- and the kid oozes personality. If Michelle Wie doesn't hear footsteps, she should.

Kim Defies Laws Of Age

By Ken Klavon, USGA

North Plains, Ore.
Kimberly Kim walked off the 18th green of Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club's Witch Hollow Course Sunday and leapt into the arms of history.

Actually, she leaped into the arms of her father. That’s beside the point. Why let figurative prose get in the way of a receptive story? Kim, for the time being, did something no one else has ever done in the U.S. Women's Amateur Championship: win it at 14 years old. Fourteen years old. Aren't most kids that age preoccupied with video games, iPods and the like?

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Anonymous said...

Great TV. The kid has icewater in her veins. That putt on 18 to win was something. Kids like her are the reason Michelle Wie turned pro. There was no advantage continuing as an amateur and losing to younger kids.

MamaQ said...

Logan, you blog nerd!
What's with all of the anonymous comments? Uncool, dude.

OK, golf. My favorite thing about all of these incredible girl golfers is that they don't even try to suck up to the older ladies on the tour. They just do their own thang.