Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Reviews R Us

Now that the golf season is in full bloom around Philadelphia, I intend to resume a full schedule of investigative golf.

As the Inquirer's intrepid golf writer, I believe it is incumbent upon me to plunk down my company credit card at new and different golf courses across the region so that you don't have to. Why should you give up your regular tee time to play some strange new course that might turn out to be over-priced and over-hyped, or a prime example of architectural malpractice. That's my job.

So, if you know of a course that needs reviewing, or maybe just an update since my earlier review, give me a heads-up at jlogan@phillynews.com.


Anonymous said...

How about a trip to Easton to review Morgan Hill or a trip to Hershey to review WrenDale?

Anonymous said...

Or how about a trip to Reading to review the the now public Reading CC?

Anonymous said...

I might consider a trip back to Honey Brook. Since your 2000 review the course has really matured nicely and is one of the best values around, IMO.